The daily water consumption for an Ohio community is normally distributed with a mean consumption of 722,500 gallons and a standard deviation of 57,429 gallons. The community water system will experience a noticeable drop in water pressure when the daily water consumption exceeds 866,475 gallons. What is the probability of experiencing such a drop in water pressure? (Round your answer to 4 decimal places. Round Z-scores to 2 decimal places.)

Accepted Solution

Answer:0.0060Step-by-step explanation:The z-score is given by z = (866,475-722,500)/57,429 = 2.51 The probability is given by the area under the Normal curve N(0,1) to the right of 2.51 In Excel this value is found with the formula =1-NORMDIST(2.51,0,1,1) and in OpenOffice Calc =1-NORMDIST(2.51;0;1;1) (NORMDIST(2.51;0;1;1) gives the area to the left of 2.51, so 1-NORMDIST(2.51;0;1;1) gives the area to the right of 2.51) and equals 0.0060