Andres school orders some new supplies for the chemistry lab. The online store shows a pack of 10 test tubes costs $4 less than a set of nested beakers. in order to fully equip the lab, the school orders 12 sets of beakers and 8 packs of rest tubes. a. Write an equation that shows the cost of a pack of test tubes, t, in terms of the cost of a set of beakers. b.the school office receives a bill for the supplies in the amount of $348. Write an equation with t and b that describes this situation. d. solve equation for b. e. How much did the school pay for a set of beakers? for a pack of test tubes?

Accepted Solution

10t = b - 4

12b+8t = $348

This is a system of equations. I’ll be solving through substitution.

In the first equation. solving for b (the easier variable to isolate) gives you:

b = 10t + 4

Substitute this into the second equation:

12(10t+4) +8t = 348
120t+48+8t = 348
128t = 300

t = 2.34375 β€”> round it to the nearest cent to get 2.34 dollars

b = 10t+4
b = 10(2.34)+4
b = 27.4 dollars