A frequency polygon having a peak in the center of its distribution is:symmetricskewedkurtosisa histogramWhich of the following is a true statement regarding the mode?The mean, median, and mode may be the same value.The mode is equal to the second quartile, Q2.A dataset cannot have more than one mode.The mode is the tallest bar in a histogram.A measure of spread which magnifies the effect of values far from the mean is the:medianinterquartile rangevariancemodeIn Chap4 Practice Exercise Prob #5, the histogram interval width is:20 units4006 classes

Accepted Solution

Answer:(a) symmetric(b) The mean, median, and mode may be the same value. and, The mode is the tallest bar in a histogram.(c) varianceStep-by-step explanation:Data is said to be symmetric if it is not skewed. i.e. if it has peaked at the center of the distribution.Skewness gives us an idea about the shape of the curve.Kurtosis enables us to have an idea about the flatness and peakedness of the frequency. Mode represents the highest repetition of the observation.The mean, median, and mode can have the same value.The histogram represents the frequency of observation by the length of the bar this is the same as Mode. Thus, the mode is the tallest bar in a histogram. Variance is the square of standard deviation and it is defined as, the sum of the square of the distance of an observation from the mean.So, Variance is the correct option.